“Ripped in 30” by Jillian Michaels – Update

First thing is first – Week 1 is still killing me.

The difference? Her warm-up is actually starting to seem like a warm-up for a change, not a part of the workout made only torture me some more. The cool-down is not a torturous stretching extension of the workout but rather something I look forward to. Squat and press is becoming one of my favourite (read: easiest) moves, and so are the push-ups. Knowing the fact that they used to be my most dreaded exercises of all, it’s a lot. I can push through the cardio part of the workout with less stops. My punches are starting to look much cooler.

In short? I am getting better at this thing. A tiny bit better, but better. I do not dare to move to the next level yet but I will. I will.

Just another thing – I have not been doing this daily. Far from it. This busy girl right here has been a bit lazy (workout-wise). Not proud of that but… It happens.

You will hear screams of joy when I finally get to Week 2. I can’t even the imagine the ones your ears will have to endure after I finish the whole thing.

And how are you doing with the workout? Have you noticed improvement?

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