“Ripped in 30” by Jillian Michaels – Day 3

The rare moment when you see yourself working out and actually feel that you want to do it. For a brief flash, I actually yearned to be back on that mat, sweating it out with dumbbells in my hands.

When the workout started, I instantly remembered why exactly I had named it “the torture one can only get in hell” but for that one moment, a few seconds… It was an awesome feeling, believe me, and a weird one, too.

What I realized today? If something feels easy and really likeable in that workout, I am not doing something right. Either my arms are not straight enough or my back is rounded – something is wrong. The strength training circuit 2 seemed really easy until I looked more carefully at the way Shelly’s arms and back was moving. Tip for all of you guys: watch the video carefully beforehand and follow along as precisely as you can, paying particular attention to your form. That is going to get you the best results, and, of course, make you feel like you are dying. That’s just how it works.

Tomorrow is my cardio day – I will hit the gym in the afternoon and tell you about it afterwards!

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