Let’s do it: Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30”

Tomorrow I am starting the Jillian Michael’s workout program “Ripped in 30”. That is going to be more than a bit of a challenge for me. I am scared silly, believe me. Am I ready? Can I do it? Can I stick with it?

To give you a bit of information about me, here are my stats:

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 171 lbs, or so my lovely electronic scale says.

Fitness level: Let’s not talk about it right now, ok? You will hear a lot about it in the upcoming weeks.That is, you will hear me yelling at myself for letting this cake-and-a-couch thing go too far, I can bet on it.

I am not the most terribly overweight person in the whole world, not even close. I am crazily thankful for my body shape, too – even if those pounds start adding up, my waist does not look that bad. But come on! I need to get healthier. I want to be able to run those 1.6 km in 7-something minutes and do those 70 full crunches, as my school’s program requires me to do (I have been ditching those PE lesson a bit too often…). I want to fit into those white jeans of mine. I want to feel good about my body every single day, not only on random “confidence” days (yeah, I get those, and I have no idea where that comes from).

I love Jillian Michael’s videos – her personality is awesome, her pep-talk – absolutely great. I did the “30 Day Shred” a few times. Now I want to do this. People say that it is really, truly damn hard. Well, I will soon see for myself. I am the one who wants the results fast, so I will have to pay for it. Let’s see how it goes (I will try very hard not to die)!

Anyhow, I am going to be doing the JM program 4 times a week. 2 days a week will be my hard cardio days (more about that later) and on Saturdays I will combine JM with some relatively light cardio. Fridays will be my rest days. How does that sound?

Have you tried this program? How about results? Please leave a comment and tell me about that, and if you have blogged about this, make sure to leave a link, too – I would love to read it!

One, two, three… Let’s do it!




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